Muse for Horn and Piano (2009)

  1. Finding Inspiration

  2. Harmony

Mirage for Orchestra (2011)

Four Scenes for Cello, Bass, and Bass Clarinet (2013)

  1. Even Points

  2. Elegy

  3. Scherz-Waltz

  4. Finale

Arrythmia for Oboe and String Trio (2013)

Haara for Concert Band (2013-14)

Keeping Things Whole (2013)

Love Among the Ruins (2011-15)

Auden Songs (2010-11, revised 2016)

  1. Epitaph on a Tyrant

  2. Funeral Blues

  3. The More Loving One

Scuttles for Solo Viola (2016)

Inevitable Passage (2016)

  1. Twilight

  2. The Void

  3. Dawn

Deep Sea: Duo for Cello and Piano (2016-17)

Daydream: Snippet for Woodwind Quintet (2017)

Prayers from the Old Church (2017-18)

  1. The "Jesus Prayer"

  2. Cherubic Hymn

  3. The Lord's Prayer

Read David Froom's article in New Music USA that mentions the premiere of Mirage by the Chesapeake Orchestra, July 2011.

View the entry for Prayers from the Old Church on Digital Repository at the University of Maryland (2018)

Read about Scuttles for Solo Viola performed by Dr. Osman Kivrak at the Charles County Youth Orchestra's Secret Garden Concert in the Southern Maryland Chronicle, September 2021.